Palisades Family Success Center Offers Many Services for Parents/Guardians and Children. Social Services Agency Provides Free Services to People of Union City

From support groups for pregnant women and new mothers to healthy cooking classes, and from an after-school homework club to ESL classes, Palisades Family Success Center is a one-stop social services agency committed to helping the people of Union City.

Located at 1408 New York Avenue, the Center offers a broad range of free programs to serve young children, teens and parents/guardians, and which partners with our Board of Education.

“We are a community resource center that provides a wide range of services, and if we do not provide a specific service, we can refer people to agencies that do provide that service,” explains Christian Mejia, Volunteer & Community Partnership Coordinator for the Center.

The Center is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is staffed with volunteers and professionals ready to help people.

“We refer a lot of families, children and parents, to the Center because we know the people there care about our community,” says Director of Community   Mercedes Joaquin.

Here is a breakdown of the many services and programs offered at the Center:

  • Family Cooking Classes: Families prepare healthy and fun meals with a registered Dietician from ShopRite.
  • English As A Second Language classes
  • Crochet & Coffee: Have coffee and learn to crochet with Sonia Henriquez as she empowers other women by teaching them new skills and crafts.
  • Homework Club: Children in the 1st through 8th grades receive help with homework.  Snacks are provided and registration is mandatory.
  • FSO Special Angels Group: For parents/guardians of children with special needs. This group aims to enhance awareness and educate people about the system of care and the availability of resources in the community.
  • Creative Corner: A fun learning experience ideal for children 6 to 12 years of age.
  • Pop Up Store Demo Tour: This workshop teaches participants how to shop at the market on a budget and choose healthy foods.
  • FSO Youth Group: Youth Partnership of Hudson County is a peer-to-peer support and advocacy group for youth ages 13 to 21.
  • Active Parenting: A workshop to show you the techniques needed to achieve success in school, as well as positive techniques of discipline and communication.
  •  Hope for Mothers: A free group in Spanish for pregnant women and mothers with newborns up to one year of age that covers such topics as emotional well-being after delivery, support from family, friends and the community.  Gifts, support and important information about parenting will be given.
  • Resume & Job Application Workshops: Learn how to polish your resume and apply for jobs.
  • Zuma classes: Get and stay in shape and have some fun with Zuma classes.


For more information on the Center, or to volunteer, please call (201) 758-8792.