Congratulations to K. Hernandez on a Perfect PARCC Assessment Score

Good Morning Everyone,

 In the spirit of sharing incredible accomplishments throughout our district, the Union City Board of Education wants to take a moment and share one of our students' recent accomplishments.  K. Hernandez, currently a 4th grade student, scored a perfect "850" in BOTH the English Language Arts AND Mathematics PARCC assessments during the Spring administration.  The Union City Board of Education is so incredibly proud of this accomplishment and credits his outstanding teachers, his mom's continual support and involvement, and K.’s willingness to apply himself each and every day!  

 Congratulations to K. Hernandez and his family, Colin Powell, and Union City Public Schools!

K. Hernandez , mrs diaz, mr perigine, and his mom.  Perfect Parcc score 


Teresita Diaz

Principal, Colin Powell School