Student-Artists Showcase Their Many Talents at the 38th Annual Multi-Arts Festival

From concerts and dance to painting and drawing, Union City students’ artistic skills were on full display at the recent Multi Arts Festival.

In celebration of the 145th birthday of the famed Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh, the 38th annual arts festival took place at Union City High School and featured work from high school students, as well as student-artists from Jose Marti Freshmen Academy, Colin Powell School, Sara M. Gilmore Academy, Robert Waters Elementary School, Thomas A. Edison Elementary School, George Washington Elementary School and Yolanda’s Dance Academy.

On behalf of the entire District, I want to congratulate all of our student-artists, and thank all of their teachers, professional artists and everyone else who helped make this year’s festival such a success,” says Superintendent of Schools Silvia Abbato.


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38th Annual Multi-Arts Album