UCHS JSA Wins in the Winter Congress Debate in Washington, DC

Congratulations to Erika Cerritos and Claudet Miranda for winning the JSA Winter Congress Debate.  Along with other JSA members, their proposed bill: Raising the minimum Wage of tipped workers and eliminating mandatory tipping, was approved as a law after a two-day Congressional process in Washington, DC, February 22-25, 2018. Honorable mention of the achievements of the following JSA Debate members in their subcommittees: Alexandrya Lopez, Sebastian Subia, Destiny Correa, Awni Pimentel, Felix Castro, Amanda Navarro, Giancarlos Castellon, Joel Marte for arguing in support of proposed bills and having them passed in Congress.

Girls of the JSA at Winter Debate   JSA Boys at Winter Debate

US Supreme Court Building