UC Summer Scholars Participate at the 31st Annual High School Research Poster Competition

Science Poster Competition Winners     Union City Summer Scholars students presented the results of their summer research projects at the 31st Annual High School Research Posters Competition of the North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society that took place at Seton Hall University on September 25th. The students did research at Columbia University, City College of New York, Stevens Institute of Technology, Saint Peters University, New Jersey City University, Seton Hall University, Montclair State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers Newark, Beth Israel Medical Center, The Center for Cancer Research, Academy for Enrichment and Advancement and Rutgers Pharmacy School.

     Our students did extremely well and captured 5 of the top 6 prizes of $200 each.

Winners of the Top Prizes are : Pablo Garcia, Sommer Gomez, Melanie Moncayo, Mirka Ortiz and Joan Almendarez.

     Winners of the Gold Medals are : Valerie Zapata, Mario Banos, Brian Rosas, Leilani Garcia, Abigail Gamboa, Aldair Medrano, Jaime Mendoza, Neel Shah, John Carvajal, Paola Solano, Dana Vitiello, Jessie Yeung, Raquenel Abreu, Aswin Aguinaga, Chelsea Castillo, Denia Diaz, Ranol, Handapangoda, Michael Yanqui, Emily Urbina  and Arlin Hernandez.

     Winners of the Silver Medals are : Emmanuel Diaz, Verenice Bonilla, Yarianny Carreras, Jeff Chen, Jhohanna Perez, Nicole Giron, Keith Branes, Allyson Perero, Gabriela Ale, Ashley Gordillo, Roberto Saenz, Rebeca Amador, Gabriel Algarin, Robert Belibrov, Cristhofer Hidalgo, Charisse Marcekino, Stephanie Caballero, Yunior Toribio.

     Winners of the Bronze Medal are : Rafael Carballeira, Camile Cordero, Jesus Mexica, Daniella Blanco, Aisha Gallardo, Marcelo Munoz, Giovanni Cruz, Johana Aguilar, and Emily Garcia. 

     Congratulations to their coaches : Dr. Judith Barrios, Dr. Mina Armani, Mrs. Jennifer Donnelly, Mrs. Alexandra Melgar and Ms. Johanna Moreno for their hard work in preparing the students and helping them with their oral presentations.

 A big thank you to all the volunteers who served as judges : Dr. Mina Armani, Dr. Judith Barrios, Dr. Caroline Garcia, Mr. Steven Yoselevich, Ms. Juleann Ramos, Mrs. Alexandra Melgar, Ms. Ornella Sierra, Ms. Kate Sparrow, Mr. Hosam Mansour, Mr. German Rojas, Mrs. Jennifer Donnelly, Mrs. Amanda Smith, and Mr. Alex Machado.

 Thank you to the Administrators who attended and gave their support to our students, Mr. Henry Sanchez, Ms. Nellie Chapman and especially Mr. Ryan Lewis, the first principal to attend the event in 30 years.