JMFA First Workshop for the School Year

  The first Parent Workshop was attended by over 68 parents.  The key speakers/presenters where Anthony Jenkins from the Union City Prevention Coalition and Victor Roveda our Student Assistance Coordinator.  They shared with the parents information on the top three major substance that are abused.  They made the parents aware that the top three misused where Marijuana, Alcohol, and Prescription Medication.  
Victor Roveda talking to the parents
Parent where taught the skills to focus on prevention, assessment, crisis intervention, and referrals as the services that the Prevention Coalition provides to our students/parent of our community.  
As always, the JMFA workshop had its raffle and the September winner was Enrdar Alasad.
Endar Alasad Winner of the Workshop Raffle
For more information about the presentation and it's availability in Spanish, and/or a copy,  parents can email Mr. Roveda at