Fashion and Fritos at UCHS

The Family Career Community Leaders of America Club (FCCLA) held a fashion show at Union City High School recently.  More than 60 models, teachers, students, and children, showed off clothes designed and made by UCHS students.  FCCLA club members designed 30 outfits for the evening event while 22 others were produced throughout the year for competitions.  Eight outfits were borrowed from TJ MAXX.
showing off and wearing designed created by model herself               teacher wearing TJ MAXX clothes 
The Spanish Club assisted in collecting those bags and other recycled objects used for the creative clothing.  The Christian Club, Unified Schools Club and Robotics Club also helped out.  Teacher who organized the event and helped out include Ms. Monica Merino, advisor for the FCCLA club, Mr. Peter Drozd, Mr. Marcus Lozano and Ms. Baeza.  
Student wearing her own creation        student wearing gown design and sewn by her
Photos by UCHS David Hoyos