Union City Students Win Big at the Union City Forensics Tournament

150 students from Collin Powell, Woodrow Wilson, and Emerson participated in this years Forensics Tournament which was held Saturday, May 13th at the Union City High School.

At the Junior Varsity level the results were as follows:

1st Place Overall Team – Colin Powell School

2nd Place Overall Team – Woodrow Wilson School


JV Declamation

1st Place          J. C. Inamagua                             Colin Powell

3rd Place         A. Fernando                                  Woodrow Wilson


JV Duo-Interpretation

1st Place          S. Torres and S. Torres                 Colin Powell

2nd Place         G. Miranda and D. Vergara          Colin Powell


JV Oral Interpretation

1st Place          A. Basaldua                                 Woodrow Wilson

2nd Place         S. Mahin                                      Woodrow Wilson                              

3rd Place         T. Torres                                       Woodrow Wilson


JV Original Oratory

2nd Place         C. Perez                                      Woodrow Wilson

3rd Place         Al. Pereyra                                  Woodrow Wilson


JV Dramatic Interpretation

1st Place          J. Viera                                         Colin Powell

2nd Place         G. Martinez                                  Colin Powell

3rd Place         A. Chapas                                     Colin Powell

3rd Place         M. Ponce                                      Woodrow Wilson


At the Varsity Level the results were as follows:


1st Place Overall Team – Woodrow Wilson

3rd Place Overall Team – Emerson Middle School


Varsity Declamation

3rd Place         A. Gonzalez                                 Woodrow Wilson

Finalist            J. Morales                                    Woodrow Wilson

Finalist            D. Diaz                                         Woodrow Wilson


Varsity Duo Interpretation

2nd Place         H. Ponce and A. Rodriguez        Woodrow Wilson

3rd Place         A. Losa and K. Borotto                Woodrow Wilson

Finalist            J. Alfonso and J. Toledo              Woodrow Wilson


Varsity Oral Interpretation

1st Place          N. Idrissi                         Woodrow Wilson

2nd Place         A. Ernest                        Woodrow Wilson

3rd Place         D. Ortez                          Woodrow Wilson


Varsity Original Oratory

1st Place          R. Elourraq                     Woodrow Wilson      

3rd Place         G. Fernandez                  Woodrow Wilson                  

Finalist            D. Diaz                             Woodrow Wilson

Finalist            M. Duboue                       Woodrow Wilson


Varsity Dramatic Interpretation

3rd Place         M. Baker                             Woodrow Wilson

Finalist            M. Mutch                             Woodrow Wilson


Special thanks to the Moderators who help these students achieve their personal best. 

Ellen Cifarelli – Colin Powell

Chris Vigorito – Emerson

Robert Spat – Woodrow Wilson

Gail Reed – Woodrow Wilson


Keep up the stellar work, Union City!