Union City STEM Students win big at the Liberty Science Center Showcase

Congratulations to all Union City students for the excellent showing at the STEM Showcase that took place on Monday March 13th, 2017 at Liberty Science Center.  
The results are published in the Jersey Journal.  Final results will be published next week. 
The awards ceremony will take place Tuesday, March 28th at 7pm at NJCU to celebrate the achievement our students.


1. Jennifer Hernandez, Union City High School AEA

2. Isaiah Moreta, Union City High School AEA

3. Emily Tumbaco, Union City AEA

4. S. Rivera, Emerson Middle School


1. C. Chacho, Union City High School AEA

2. G. Pena, Union City High School AEA

3. H. Velasquez, Union City High School AEA

4. D. Elmahdy, Veterans'Elementary School

5. C. Toledo, Colin Powell School


1.Jorge Bardales, Union City High School ADA

2.Ashley Gordillo, Union City High School AEA

3. Aldair Medrano, Union City High School AEA

4. Melanie Moncayo, Union City High School AEA

5. Ingrid Quintanilla, Union City High School AEA

6. Blanca Sanchez, Union City High School AEA

7. G. Gomez, Emerson Middle School


Congratulations to all the students, their parents and their teachers.

A big thank you to coaches Paul Orbe, Amanda Smith, Alexandra Melgar, Johanna Moreno, Astrid Amar, Sophie Adeyemo, Cesar Figueroa, Eileen Rush for working with our students and preparing them for the competition; your hard work paid off. 

Our great thanks and appreciations to supervisors, Dr. Judith Barrios and Fred Hurtado and to the administrators, Ryan Lewis, Henry Sanchez, Michael Cirone, Luis Calvo,  Annette Kaplan, Catalina Tamargo and Teresita Diaz for their encouragement and support.

Of course this great success would have never been achieved without the support of our visionary Superintendent, Silvia Abbato, our Board President, Jeanette Pena, our Board Vice President Carlos Vallejos and our Board of Trustees, Pablo Cabrera, Jose Mejia, Kennedy Ng, Joseph Isola, Alejandro Velazquez, our Assistant Superintendents John Bennetti and Lois Corrigan, our Assistant to the Superintendent Diana Capizzi, our Director of Facilities, Justin Mercado and our Business Administrator and Interim Board Secretary Dr. Anthony Dragona for their continued support for the Union City Schools District STEM program. We are blessed to have you all lead our district.


2017 Hudson County STEM Showcase high school Medalist